Images for Reddit, new version of

We have just updated Images for reddit @ It is now faster and perfect to use on your smartphone or tablet.

Screenshot of Images for reddit

Images for reddit is a image viewer site for subreddits.

Search for a subreddit you like and scroll trought all the images.

Images for reddit is of course free to use and is a project we are working on because we really like reddit and love building cool sites and applications. 


by Johan Sundén, CEO | July 08, 2016

Mail Attachment Grabber

Screenshot of Mail Attachment Grabber for Mac OS X product page

Locate important documents in your Mail inbox.

Mail Attachment Grabber automatically locates attachments in the Mail inbox. Just select where you want the attachment to be copied to, and then let Mail Attachment Grabber do the work for your with a single click.

Download Mail Attachment Grabber for Mac OS X today.


by Johan Sundén, CEO | May 01, 2016

Free activation codes for PDF Shrinker

Here is a nice easter freebie, if you are quick enough!

Free activation codes for PDF Shrinker.


Download PDF Shrinker at

by Johan Sundén, CEO | March 27, 2016

Get that extra desktop space

If you are using a laptop with a small screen then you might want to be able to utilize all pixels. Your dock is already hidden, right? But what about that menu bar? Did you know that in Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan you can also auto hide the menu bar just like you do with the Dock. Great!

by Anders Bjarby, Communications Manager | March 21, 2016

Download MyIP for Mac for only $2.99

Screenshot of MyIp that has been updated with a new lower price

MyIP is now selling for only $2.99!

Download MyIP for Mac today for only $2.99 (was $4.99). MyIP makes it possible to in seconds access both your internal and external IP-adresses directly from the Mac OS X menubar.

Read more about MyIP at

by Johan Sundén, CEO | March 11, 2016